Jonas Liekens

Technical Lead - Full Stack Developer - Software Artist


Writing reliable, user friendly and maintainable software is an art I try to enrich with my passion for open-source software and my straight forward and honest approach. Although with an expertise in Java and Spring, I try to maintain a more general knowledge base to keep track of the general software solution and architecture.

I strive for a solid knowledge sharing environment so that the right kind of technologies are applied within the right kind of infrastructure and so the next generation of developers can find guidance into an ever evolving digital future.


I am active as a Java Consultant at C4J since September 2013, embracing the power of the Spring Framework, Hibernate, Kubernetes, Monolith Systems and Microservice Systems. Up to this day I continue this route with the passion to create better, faster and more stable software.

If you want a full track of what my career looks like or want to get in contact with me, please check me out on LinkedIn!



Lan Party Manager

A playground project to provide a flexible and modular system that allows as much automation as possible in the monitoring and organisation of LAN-Parties and equivalent events. Aiming to provide a tournament system, user management, scheduling and catering module using the latest of enterprise technologies.

Github (Archive)

KWB Portal

A Project using a Python Flask & Angular to provide a Dynamic Website with an user and admin portal to enable automation, event registration, membership management and website content management.

Github (App - Archive) Github (Website - Archive)

How AI (will) change(s) the world

A talk about artificial intelligence on how it actually is an accessible technology and how it has already settled into our lives, without many of us really noticing it.


Adopting Intelligence, the Artificial way

A talk about artificial intelligence on how you can approach it while adopting it in your own environment.